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15 FEB 2011

Spotlight : Tas Tsipouras

Tas article 1

Tas Tsipouras for Culture Yearbook 2011

Bad Boy Quiffs by O&M

Following a wave of 50s and 60s hair and makeup inspired looks seen all over the fashion runways, O&M’s latest shoot looks like the set of Rebel Without a Cause. One of Melbourne’s hottest stylists, Tas Tsipouras is behind Culture Yearbook 2011’s black-and-white spread dubbed DoppelGanger that features a trio of cool looking guys brandishing slicked back quiffs.

O&M spoke to Tas about the edgy shoot and why it anticipates one of this year’s most influential hair trends.

The hair has a real James Dean look to it – why are the 50s and 60s so popular in hair right now?
We are seeing a lot of 50s and 60s hair styles coming back in but the key thing it is not too rockabilly looking, as it is filtered through today’s fashion and street culture. Think about Madonna in her Papa Don’t Preach video, the short blonde pin curls, the tight Capri pants — the 50s was very big in the 80s but that era had its twist on it too.

Who was on your inspiration board when you did the hair for the shoot?
Brad Pitt in Johnny Suede – his breakout film and he looked awesome with his hair smooth at the side and long at the top.

How do you achieve this look at home?
It’s easy to do at home and the hair doesn’t have to be that long. Starting from the section above the end of the eyebrow, make a U shape in the hair by going back around the crown and then forward to the opposite side. Apply O&M Sleek Unique and comb hair below the U shape section downwards. Next, spray O&M Rootalicious from roots to ends of the top section, and clip away. Blow-dry the bottom section of hair flat to the head, and once dry, run though O&M Style Guru to hold into place. Round brush the top section to create volume at the roots before running through O&M Style Guru for hold. To finish, back comb the roots and smooth into desired shape using O&M Frizzy Logic.

If the shoot featured women how would you have done their hair?
Left it long, and put a slight wave in it, then put the sides up leaving a quiff at the front — the trick to these styles if giving them a modern edge so they don’t look too themed.

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