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03 MAR 2012

O&M, the next generation arrives

2012 is an exciting year for O&M, after a great 5 years of supplying Australian salons we have just launched our next generation of hair colour, Mineral CCT.  O&M has always been ammonia free but we weren’t going to stop there, our commitment to clean colour technology means we will always be at the forefront and O&M is now ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol free.

One of the best things about working with hairdressers is that they are some of the most passionate and opinionated people! The feedback that we got made us well aware of what hairdressers really want from a colour and we worked hard to iron out the myths about performance in low chemical hair colour and Mineral CCT is a full professional range that was born in Australia and is now making its journey around the world. First stop is the US and O&M has already got a cult following happening there with some great press, salon owners contacting us every day, even a TV appearance and distributors launching each month.  It’s fitting that O&M a haircare brand that was born in a salon should live in salons across the world, we think that’s pretty cool.

Jose Bryce Smith
Original & Mineral CEO