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Jose talks about the benefits of being Original. A few words from O&M’s founder Jose Bryce Smith. Original & Mineral’s roots are in the salon, where we continue to test new products today.

What began in the salon is now offered to everyone with our full professional line of colors, take-home haircare and growing number of styling essentials. All share O&M’s natural-based, low chemical philosophy with native Australian ingredients bottled in recyclable packaging that looks as good on the outside as it is within.

talking shop

our Journey

O&M began with a passionate hairdresser who had a serious problem. The harsh chemicals found in mainstream hair color very nearly forced my husband, a sufferer of contact dermatitis, to quit the profession he loved.

Ammonia, the agent traditionally tasked with opening hair cuticles and allowing color to penetrate, was the cause of Alan’s sensitive skin woes. As an ingredient it’s effective but ultimately very harsh on both the head of the client and the hands of the stylist who’s continually exposed to its noxious fumes. It was while working in London that he discovered that there was an alternative. Alan began working in a Soho-based salon with hair color formulated without ammonia but was still effective. At the beginning of 2000, when we returned to Australia and opened Atlantis Hair, it was our decision to stay ammonia free that made our salon unique and ultimately started a trend. With Wayne Lewis confirmed as Color Director we very quickly found a loyal band of customers who understood the benefits of our color. Soon other hairdressers were asking how they could access similar products and the idea for Original & Mineral was born. Having been raised in a family who believed in living naturally I questioned the perceived wisdom and dared to believe that O&M could achieve what so many chemists said was impossible: permanent color without Ammonia, PPD or Resorcinol. It’s been quite a journey but, a decade since we first began, that goal has finally been achieved with the launch of Mineral CCT™. O&M has been built on the passion, heart and the support of a loyal following of hairdressers in Australia who believed in our concept from early on. Together we have created a brand that fuses luxury with natural, that appeals to hairdressers on a fashion level as well as being a technological leader. We’ve grown from a cult product available in one salon to a fully-fledged professional color, hair and styling line. As O&M finds its way around the world we’ll never lose sight of our most important asset – the salons that believe in our vision and make the journey with us.

talking shop